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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hey, tucker. >> hey, tony thanks a lot. great telling point there. all right let's get to weather let you know the forecast couldn't be better, nice and bright this afternoon temperatures expected to be mid- 60s cool start, look at current numbers and regan national, we've got temperatures in the 40s. yeah, 47 at regan national, as we lookout and about, 50 analis, 34 frederick -- annapolis, 34 frederick. i don't have much to show you more cloud cover today than yesterday, as you can see out to the west towards chicago a cold front area of low pressure passing to our south later tonight more clouds around than yesterday we should be dry today and as we get into the night time hours, tomorrow morning possibility of a few scattered showers again just a few scattered showers and clear things out for the weekened. your forecast, lots of sunshine get out and enjoy today
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absolutely perfect 6 r5 your daytime high more de-- 65 your daytime high more details in the forecast. well, it did not take very long for the jury to convict brittany norwood of first degree murder in the lululemon murder trial. >> she faces life in prison for killing jana murray back in march in the lululemon store. >> more than anything, i know the trauma, our family has been through, i want no other family to go through this. and i felt the brutality was undescribable. >> my sister, um, was fighting for what was right and that helped us through this trial, to make sure that what was right, was done in the end.
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>> the murrays were very appreciative after the verdict thanking the jury, police media, fox 5s paul wagner joins us onset he has been following the case since day one done the daily debriefings with us. i guess the first question were you surprised at the quickens of the verdict, it took less than an hour. >> i have been doing these jury trials for quite awhile now i can't really be surprised by what a jury does we heard lawyers say that all the times the true you just can't predict what a jury is going to do. i actually was telling some of janas friends last night i thought they might take the night because there was so much to go through and the judge said they were only going to let them deliberate until 7:30 p.m. we were up in the hallway outside the courtroom, suddenly there was a movement, people moving around and i saw the state's attorney coming through and we knew something was up and it was quick. >> at the end it came down to
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what we had been talking about premeditation, that piece saw some very gruesome -- the weapons used, to kill jana murray tough to be in there and hearing the family there, you can really feel their pain. >> i was sitting in the first row on the left side when the jury was shown the autopsy photos and the judge made a decision not to put them on the projector, so that the whole courtroom could see it, so if you were sitting on the left side behind the jury you could see them and they were unbelievable. to see the sustained wounds to her head, were indescribable other than it was a savage attack and i can feel for those jurors, who have seen those photos and then try to decide what to do, because it really showed you, that this was a sustained attack as john
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mccarthy said, it happened in the back hallway numerous weapons used, the medical examiner said on the stand yesterday that minimum of five weapons were used they believed there was a metal merchandise tag just an ugly weapon, as well as a hammer, box cutters, crescent wrench and their theory was these weapons had been assembled by brittany norwood in that back room so they could attack jana murray after luring her there. >> people who are not attorneys, wondering theorizing since the jury returned this verdict so quickly, is that any leverage for the defense to say hey, you know they didn't consider the facts here. does that give the defense any chance to say we are going to appeal this or anything like that because of the quickness of the verdict. >> douglas woods said last night he was disappointed in the verdict, but that he felt
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that they had made their case for second degree and even though they didn't put on a case his strategy was to question, every witness who came up or virtually every witness who came up and try to show to the jury this happened very quickly that she just lost it and it wasn't a premeditated attack. but since i sat there and listened to everything myself, i can see how the jurors were swayed that it was first degree premeditated murder because of the savagery of the attack and she then brittany norwood then went into hours and hours of this staging of a crime scene and it really was extraordinary the steps she took to try to set it up and then the state was able to show that for several days she held to the story and said stuff like any good news to the detectives,
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five days later, thinking that she was getting away with it and so when you are sitting there, and you listen to all this, it is hard to imagine anyone could really walk away and say this really was just a spur of the moment attack. >> so we wait now for sentencing. >> sentencing january 27th, the state says they want life without possibility of parole, douglas woods said he will make a case for less than that. >> all right paul wagner thank you for your insight. >> you are welcome. to another case now the man suspected in the murder of his estranged wife and her young son is back in maryland, curtis lopez was extradited from north carolina yesterday, police arrested him there, after an amber alert was issued for his step son 11-year-old william mcclean the amber alert was sent out when his mother jane was found murdered in her clarks burg home and william missing his remains were found
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in a wooded area off clarks burg road. charges in williams death will likely be filed soon. new this morning a woman rescued from a burning house montgomery county right now she is fighting for her life she was pulled from the home 4700 block iris street rockville 4:00 a.m. this morning a man who made it out of the house, before fire crews arrived had serious injuries but expected to survive two firefighters went to the hospital with minor injuries the bulk of the fire was in the basement it got so bad firefighters had to evacuate the home and just fight the fire from the outside. turning to harassment claims against herman cain he is denying claims from a third woman she reportedly considered filing a work place complaint against cain. he is denying that the former business ceo did anything wrong
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and denouncing what is being called a smear campaign. i am joined by paula jone's lawyer in the president clinton sex scandal good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming in it does indeed give perspective on this you have people we learned their name, basically they are saying -- alleging the powerful people have done something wrong, it is huge, it always becomes front page news can you tell us about the nature of these allegations. >> well, they are bombastic in the sense once a charge like this is leveled against the public officials it does become news but we have to step back and herman cane's case and try to understand what in fact the claim is we don't know precisely there are details with respect to a third woman that has come out saying mr. cain invited her to some hotel room or some home which she declined if that was the extent of the allegation there was no
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effect on her terms or conditions of her employment i am not sure that will give rise to a claim of legally valid claim for sex july harassment mind you -- sexual harassment mind you it was a claim she could have brought in the 1990s she chose not to, and to come out, after 20 years it seems much. in the case of these other women two of them signed con phi den i can't likety agreements one -- confidentiality agreements one of them fought to speak up get out of that what does that tell you she wanted to come forward and speak out. >> my understanding she thought about speaking out and then thought the better of it she signed an agreement way back when that in order for her to get money she would remain silent. and she needs to abide by that agreement. quite frankly i don't think con phi den i can't likety agreements -- confidentiality agreements are good as a public
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matter they don't allow to provide insight into the claims were. if you have a manufacturer of a defective product that causes harm or doctor that causes grave injury you hush up those settlements the public at large has no ability to look and see what the manufacturer or doctor might have done in this case there is no accountability you can't get to the underlying facts because of the confidentiality. i think the more important problem here for the campaign is not so much the charges of sexual harassment, now when i say that, i cannot tolerate, and we should not tolerate sexual harassment in the work place but what i am saying with respect to herman cain he is slipping and sliding in terms of the truthfulness of the underlying facts, in the sense that well, allegations of sexual harassment never happened, well, okay, sexual
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harassment claims were filed yes, now we know that. there was no agreement well, yes, there was. first he blames it on the liberal media now he says well, no, it was this guy curt ander son who used to work for me i just heard him on tv and he said i don't even know what cain is talking about. >> his response is not one that you would have advised him on. >> it is not forthcoming not truthful we are electing a public official who is going to be president of the united states who is going to be the chief law enforcement officer of the united states and what that means is that you are going to be, and up hold the rule of law in the united states if the president, potential presidential candidate can't stand up and tell the truth, about these basic facts, well, can we really count on him and her to tell the truth when it gets down and dirty. >> we know how the paula jones
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case ended it started this domino effect that ended up with improofment of president clinton let -- impeachment of president clinton let me ask how damaging is this? is the inning theority looked at in -- integrity looked at in a questionable manner. >> you have to look at integrity, the person running to occupy the most powerful position in the united states in the world. the charges may not be appropriate they may not be legally valid claims people settle claims for all sorts of reasons because there was a payment of money doesn't mean that in fact he was guilty as charged. but, what is more important is that he is slipping and sliding with the truth, first there were never any charges, second there was no agreement, then we know those were falsehoods, third, liberal media that is after me, it has something to do with racism that didn't work we will change it now we will
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blame this guy ander son he is the guy now we are going to blame perry he is the guy well, wait a minute stop. just tell the truth. you were involved in some sexual harassment claims they were settled nothing to it move on. lawyer, attorney also who represented paula jones in the president clinton sex case in the 90s my goodness thanks for coming in. >> a long time ago. >> good to see you thank you. all right thank you very much president obama in prance obama in france, the economic summit usually focuses on the global economy but the greek debt crisis is dominating the most important task for world leaders is resolve the european financial world crisis. >> occupy movement continues around the nation things got
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violent in california, after protestors shut down a major shipping port details coming up. >> could the balance of power be changing in virginia. washington post columnist, bob mccartney joins us to talk about how the upcoming election may change things in the common wealth. 9:14 a.m. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. go to and save $600 in your first two years
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welcome back republicans ruled in the state senate 1999 to 2007 and may be poised to seize control again in the upcoming elections, robert mccart any metro columnist with the washington post he writes about it this morning good to see you thanks for coming in. >> good to see you tony. >> this is something of a surprise it seems as recently as 2, 3, 4 months ago democrats were county dent they would maintain control in the --
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maintain control in the state senate. >> the climate is favouring republicans looking ahead to next tuesday's election. i was in richmond talking the people in mid-september, top republican politicians said they thought they would be lucky to take away the state senate from the democrats in the election right now the tune has changed and they are pretty confident of getting control and maybe even you know, fairly comfortable majority. >> the question is what has changed in such a short period of time. >> the main thing that changed was the conservative trend that we've seen in the last two elections in 2009/2010, continuing in this one especially in the southern part of the state, up around the northern virginia suburbs are not providing the bull work against extreme conservative democrats hoped but even those
9:19 am
closed races, even though the democrats weigh, republicans will pick up enough in the southern parts of the state to gain a control, control of the senate basically there is two things really first of all the democratic brand is really discredited right now in virginia, especially among -- obviously among republicans but among independents, swing voters, they are a big important part you know, it will be a low turn out election, get out the vote operation will be very important, this is an off off year election, so the numbers are not going to be very high but basically the people are looking at washington, they are seeing you know the economy is bad, they are seeing you know too much federal spending, the democrats control the white house, and that is hurting the democratic brand that is hurting -- helping republicans even in statewide elections the other factor governor mcdonald,
9:20 am
republican is quite popular very high approval rating, including among independents i heard -- i went out to listen to some debateinterviewed some politicians in northern virginia, democratic politicians are emphasizing, in many cases how well they work with governor mcdonald, puller in a tight race with jeff frederick she told me she didn't support his campaign but things governor mcdonald has done a good job. heidi puller, they are emphasizing they can work with mcdonald's they are praising mcdonald's because they thing that will help them get elected. >> what about redisstricting there has been some redistricting that has gone on and the democrats really control them. >> mostly control. >> mostly. they did actually, an interesting survey sort of inside baseball debate about this the original proposal, democrats control the senate
9:21 am
now they basically drew the line the initial plan they presented y the governor by mcdonald and they had the come back with something not quite as favourable to them they still drew the lines to protect incumbents they were very confident after these lines were drawn by them, that they would be able to protect the majority, republicans control the house of delegates they drew the line to protect themselves, in the house of delegates, but it doesn't seem to have been enough even though they controlled the lines, it seems right now, we have to wait and see what the voters have to say tuesday seems right now even though democrats drew the lines and thought this would be enough to protect themselves trends are strong enough they are vulnerable. >> irony is that it is local politics but may very well send the results may send a signal to the national parties and white house as well. >> yeah, well, if republicans
9:22 am
gain control of the state senate that will control all levers of power in richmond, they already control the house of delegates they are definitely going to keep control if they gain the senate they will have everything virginia, 2008 voted for obama, democrats for the first time since 1964, in a presidential race and everybody was saying oh, boy, virginia is really in place, democrats are coming back they will take over virginia this would be if republicans win as i personally expect then this would really you know put an end to definitive end to any long term conclusions there. >> well, we will see what happens, thanks for coming in. >> good to see you. >> alison. >> 9:22 a.m. occupy wall street movement, wages on with no end in sight 3,000 protestors shut down the port in oakland california yesterday it is still closed this morning earlier in the day
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a whole foods store was vandalized and windows shattered at three banks,. well, it could be the end of a popular discount clothing store. personally sad about this while feileins basement could close its doors of the holidays. i am in my third location this morning which just happens to be the blue duck tavern where one of their signature dishes is indeed the apple pie in fact, it is the only menu item been on the menu since they opened their doors that year it was named one of the top dishes in the u.s. by usa today here we will not only check out the apple pies they happen to be taking part in the capitol area food fight which helps dc central kitchen we will tell you about it live later on fox a morning news stay with us 
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a new proposal to rescue the u.s. postal service includes laying off up to 100,000 workers, the agency loses money every year as more people use e-mail instead of paper mail. last year they lost billion dollars -- $8 billion, under the proposal the agency would get a refund in money it over paid to the government also health care and workers corn would be overhauled a senate committee is taking up the proposal next week if it passes it will keep 6 day mail delivery for two more years. discount chain sims and its subsidiary, filenes basement filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy for the third time in a decade. they could close for good after the holidays the company's ceo blames the move on increased competition from department
9:28 am
stores, private label discounters and the economic down turn of course. it was a big event for alvin and the chipmunks they left their mark on a hollywood institution. >> up next there they are, we will talk with actor jason lee about it he is in the movies with them and get the inside scoop on the new film, alvin and the chipmunks, chip wrecked shaping up to be a beautiful day tucker up next with the forecast look at that, oh, yeah, back in a moment don't go any where pgh >> i love the fame sound track one of my top three aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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♪oh, what a beautiful morning ♪ >> sing it. >> ♪ except for that spot on the top of your screen ♪ >> that is our weather cam spider. >> good morning.
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47 degrees. >> it will be absolutely perfect today. really, yesterday was gorgeous, next week will be nice but today particularly nice because it is mid-60s. nice time of year some of the trees are still doing their thing. >> yep. >> beautiful. >> was it a red -- what is that japanese red. >> maple. bigger than that i think some kind of a big maple tree. >> okay. >> yeah, like a red maple. >> okay. >> we don't have time if for this. >> we have plenty of time until the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> i think it was a big maple. >> why are you making fun,. >> tucker say good morning to barry brady who liked our x factor sketch. >> a big morning to you from alison and myself. tony will make fun of you. showers overnight tonight, first thing tomorrow morning a couple showers back in the forecast. most of tomorrow will be dry,
9:33 am
cooler this weekened highs saturday, middle 50s after we are in the mid-60s today cooler starting tomorrow, cool right now 47 at regan national, 46 gaithersburg hang on to 30s off to the west, manassas 39, martins burg 39, 50 annapolis, filtered sunshine expected not quite as bright as it was yesterday. cloud cover moving through from time to time we should be dry later today. all intents and purposes here, a beautiful afternoon. seasonal sat rad our next front this will slide to the south, northern piece of this energy will clip our system, richmond will get showers, maybe as far north as washington early tomorrow morning that whole system slides south and east and we will be in for a fantastic weekend, saturday and sunday lots of sunshine warmer temperatures towards the end of the weekened, 65 today, mostly
9:34 am
sunny skies beautiful afternoon that is a perfect afternoon 5 miles per hour, 2 degrees above normal cloudy, hold temperatures up, a few showers overnight. we should clear out by tomorrow afternoon, but it will be cooler behind the frontal system highs mid-50s tomorrow chilly tomorrow night cool saturday nice and bright sunshine both saturday and sunday, red skins game sunday afternoon perfect conditions highs 60 degrees nice warm up early next week 65 monday upper 60 for tuesday. >> that is a look at the weather forecast alison i will toss it over to you. alison and the chipmunks now a part of hollywood -- alvin and the chipmunks now a part of hollywood history they have been honored a week before the release of their latest movie. alvin, simon and theodore got their paws stamped outside the hollywood chinese theatre the first to honor an animated
9:35 am
characters since donald duck in 1984. jason lee star of alvin and the chipmunks including the latest one, chip wrecked good morning nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> i have to first ask about this recent honor were you there when alvin and the chipmunks got their paws in the clement there. >> i was there indeed it was an awesome event i was certainly proud of the boys, you could say, 50 years in the making and i mean that is kind of you know that is as legendary as it gets you know, the hand and footprints ceremony or in their case paw and paw. the boys were pretty well behaved and i think it went okay alvin of course went missing but you know it was a good event. >> let me ask you this you are right i am 45 i remember alvin and the chipmunks when i was a kid but it goes beyond that
9:36 am
what kind of fans were out there, just the little ones who know them now or folks of all ages. folks of all ages you know i certainly remember them and my grandmother was there, actually, and so she of course told some stories to the family, ross' father created alvin and the chipmunks my grandmother told stories what she remembered back in the day. the thing we love about it jason in all seriousness my kids now love them and they have really stepped up with the times when you see these movies the latest song references and dances very very smart and the latest one i would imagine is just the same tell us a little bit about chip wrecked. >> yeah, it is like with the two previous ones it has the current songs in it the kids of
9:37 am
course respond to, i don't know -- excuse me i don't know if there is any justin bieber in it apparently he is the popular kid these days but it's got all the current sort of pop culture references in it and what not as it has all along i remember chipmunk punks from 1980 which was a cool record at the time it had blown dee on it which i thought was cool -- blondie on it which i thought was cool i bought that when i was 10. >> it is a vinyl record you put it on a turntable and a needle on it. yeah, this one is probably the most adventurous action- packed of the three, it is really cool, it is yeah, i mean it is a desserted island, you know -- deserted island you know the fellas find themselves ship wrecked over board on a deserted island with an erupting volcano and i have to run and save them some how.
9:38 am
very exciting. >> it opens december 16th nationwide just in time for the holidays, jason lee a pleasure talking to you thank you so much >> thank you very much. seems like a nice guy doesn't he -- that is earl -- my name is earl. -- that is earl from my name is earl. >> jason lee a nice guy. it opens december 16th. premise of an oscar winning movie now a real slum dog millionaire out there. why we are saying that we will introduce you to the real winner of the indian version of who wants to be a millionaire. >> i like how you talk with your hands tony perkens. >> thank you. >> stay with us 
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9:41 am
you lucky devil. someone in connecticut is $245 million richer, do you hear me?
9:42 am
$245 million, a single ticket was sold matching all five power ball numbers here they are, just to make you even more miserable because you know you didn't win 12, 14, 34, 39, 46 the power ball was 36. hmm. >> listen to this, a poor clerk from eastern india becomes a real life slum dog millionaire. he is the first person to win $1 million or equivalent on india's version of the popular game show who wants to be a millionaire. his wife closed her eyes and prayed as he grappled with the final question when he won the audience cheered, there it is. >> okay. >> they gave him a standing ovation when asked how he plans to spend the money he plans to fix his house repay loans invest money in the education of poor children in his area and study for civil service exams what a thoughtful,
9:43 am
sensible answer. >> the hug is a real moment. >> isn't that great. >> we said the wife was praying it was a man so probably his father-in-law. >> okay. >> please please so isn't that great. >> happy for him. >> do you want to see the lighting of the national christmas tree in person. >> starting to day through next monday sign up in the online lottery go to national, just 15 or 17 minutes ago. the ceremony is set for thursday december 1st, 5:00 p.m. on the list. holly has a tough assignment yesterday it was tasting great pizzas, today he is searching for the areas best pie. up next with yesterday another tasty treat. >> i love pie and henry's has a great sweet potato pie. >> derek thomas is helping us
9:44 am
get our garden ready for winter, although that looks very summary. >> he will e plain that and show us how to -- he will explain that and show us how to separate perennials, coming up next i have to get better in the garden tony  [ man ] it's my new malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪
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welcome back 9:47 a.m. and all morning long holly has been tempting us with delicious pies she is at the blue duck tavern the feature one of the only menu items that remained since opening. it is one of their signature items our final stop of the morning, blue duck tavern is where we are learning also to make america's favorite pie, apple pie, peter brett is the pastry chef did you know peter two times as many people prefer their apple pie
9:48 am
unadorned as they do a la mode. >> i didn't know that. >> stick with me kid i got so much pie research you won't believe it. but you are known for a lot of great things this is one of the things people love to come and order here. >> it is our most popular dessert. >> give me a trick to the secrets of your pie here. >> well, roll out the dough ahead of time it has to be really really cold otherwise it is just too delicate to handle. >> this doesn't look like any pie dish i have at home. >> it is not it is a cake ring, but we use these moulds to make a nice beautiful, high, full pie we can really pack it with apples. >> what kind do you use? >> granny smith right now we are getting them from toigo farms, they are a very consistent paple, tart and hold their shape. >> i will let him continue to work there as luck would have it there is another reason we
9:49 am
are here at blue duck taverns, brian mcbride is over seeing the pie making and brian mcnair always good to see you both. >> and you are gearing up for the capitol food fight. >> our 8th year, hosted by jose andre and anthony bordane. again ted alan, joan nathan, mingcy and brian mcbride here is one of our battling chefs. we do this event every year this year we are going to battle one of the best causes in dc. >> it is 60 restaurants, 4 battling chefs, one fight against hunger how much of a difference does it make when people come out and support the food fight. >> phenomenal we spend very little on this event and will raise a half million dollars. >> that is our goal to raise a
9:50 am
half million everyone who comes brings guests and learn about dc central kitchen we are not only feeding men and women but training them for jobs. >> they do a great job there. november 10th. >> november 10th. >> anything up your sleeve in terms to have battle. >> we are going to make our plans, so for multiple secret ingredients. >> he didn't reveal a whole lot. >> maybe you can tempt him with an apple pie. >> you were talking with a is fun about blue duck tavern everything is designed to share. >> we don't plate food here, customers can plate in front of them choose to keep it for themselves or share it with thetable. >> is this one of your favorite things to make? >> it is, it is hands on. >> would you like to taste some pie with me. >> definitely. >> so slice some up there hey
9:51 am
did you know how they came up with the tradition of cheddar cheese on pie. >> no, but you know >> i know because i have more pie packs and figures than any rational person should have it started in europe they have fruit and cheese as dessert, right, so they combined the cheese on top of the fruit pie and there you have it. >> unbelievable. >> none of you look impressed. >> unbelievable. >> i am looking around for cheddar cheese. >> he is dishing that up, i want to give one last list of people who wrote in on facebook that had grease places for you to check out, laurie said yelm desserts, tyson's corner, amish market in german town and lisa and brenda said pie gourmet vienna virginia, look at that he served the lady first how nice is that. let me see all right peter i will see how good of a pastry chef you are.
9:52 am
>> moment of truth. >> wow. >> best breakfast i have ever had. when are you done holly? >> i am down now tomorrow we are moving on to the best burgers in town. >> i would love to join. >> he wants to come with me tomorrow tony. >> me too. i want to be with you all these dies pie looks fantastic. >> we are outside here in the fox lot with our friend derek thomas of thomas landscape this is a time of year where plants begin preparing their roots, this is something they do themselves for the winter time, and you say this is a good time to divide your perennials i am not sure i know what that means. >> well, perennials are plants that will come back each year, there is a reason this is a really good time for dividing perennials roots are at a point where they are building up,
9:53 am
nutrients and everything, if you have plants a little bit over crowded, like this mint this is you know mint and herbs are not normally thought of as perennials but there are a lot of perennial herbs and that would be a good time to divide those, things like this after that have finished blooming, but underneath, you can see here, that it really does -- it has a lot going on it has some babies coming in. corral bell you know the nice thing about dividing and perennials this time of year see this plant is really really high and compacted there i have already divided it once tony if you can put those gloves on what you are going to be able to do, with a really good spade, is actually have additional plants for your garden or to give to friends.
9:54 am
>> okay. >> so i am going to start the process here, we are going to get this. >> you are getting right in there. >> get right in there, have a pound of courage, go ahead tony continue that cut straight on down. >> cut it straight on down. >> straight on down. >> well, that is no good like that. >> there you go. >>ment agetting through. >> you are getting through this. when you are dividing up that root mass. >> go all the way down. >> all the way down pull that apart, and see now what you've got, is a younger, healthier plant for next year. >> wow. >> we've already done that with theically san think mum although it look -- chrysanthemum. whether this is to on your deck or in your garden this will be way too full and you will not get the beautiful blooms next
9:55 am
year once again we have taken a plant like that and cut it down to size now, using a good mixture of soil, use even add some all purpose sand to lighten up the soil part of the garden alone and compost, you've got the division just fill that in there tony. >> around the side. >> put it on and around there on the side now nice thing about this, with the plant like that, you are going to get six or eight plants they will be free plants for your garden or, what about, a great hostess gift this fall, with the be thele of wine, take them -- bottle of wine take them a little one like that and let them know maybe even take a photo. >> well,. >> that doesn't say a lot about you. >> that says especially if your friend is a gardener they will know what you could do also take a little photo of the plant. >> here is what it is going to be. >> there you go. >> this is the perfect time to
9:56 am
put it in the ground the ground is warm getting the rain we have the cool temperatures, the roots are going to be absolutely getting juiced up for next year. >> we are out of time one great thing i have learned from you, you got to handle the plants you get -- seriously i tend to be tender and don't want to break them. >> a pound of courage goes a long way with these buggers because i am telling you they will thank you for it. get all the information on our website from derek thomas we will be back in just a moment  hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight?
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should be a beautiful afternoon get out enjoy nice light winds two showers early tomorrow, sunny, dry cool start to the weekend 55 saturday, beautiful sunday, warm up next week. >> chunky sweater weather for real now >> i


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